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Have you considered a digital transformation? Part 3

Are you still using outdated phones? 

Switch to VOIP or a Hosted PBX to cut costs and work smarter – and more efficiently. 

As our local Governments continue to announce further closings and restrictions due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, we can improve working from home for both you and your employees. 

While we all prepare for the holidays and continue to be productive at the office, consider Bridgeline Global Solutions as a gift to your business. Update to VOIP or a Hosted PBX – it’s more efficient and allows seamless continued productivity.

Everything we do, every product we provide, and every innovation we create is all for one purpose – helping businesses increase their success. We can help your digital transformation with the following services we provide:

  1. Hosted and Premise based PBX Consulting and Installation
  2. Voice and data structured cabling – big and small
  3. Internal and/or external location moves
  4. System additions and expansions
  5. Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  6. Remote and on-site service
  7. 24/7 emergency dispatch

Call us today at 860-937-6400 and upgrade your phone system today with the latest technology.