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    Obtaining the right communications solution is more important than ever in today’s competitive market. At Bridgeline GS, we are your one-stop-shop for Communication Fulfillment and Support.

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    Bridgeline GS is not just a salesperson or vendor—we are a trusted advisor with a solution that can meet your organizations needs connecting you to your most important asset – your customer.

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  • We are an Avaya Business Partner

    Rely on Avaya for the expertise and resources to manage part or all of your communications infrastructure and applications.

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  • We are an Intelisys Business Partner

    100+ pre-vetted Supplier Partners, giving you access to multiple solutions or ability to support and service your current telecommunications system.

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Telecommunications for your businesses –
professional, fast, affordable

Why work with us?

  • Gain access to unlimited supplier options
  • Secure a single point of contact
  • Obtain personalized strategy & solution planning
  • Eliminate the pressure of quota-based supplier/carrier salespeople
  • Develop a long-term relationship
  • Gain a trusted advisor
  • Acquire greater leverage
  • Recover lost hours
  • Focus on what you do best
  • Stay cutting edge on technology

Our Business Partners

We are an Avaya Business Partner specializing in the sale, service and maintenance of both new and refurbished systems and parts. With technicians in every state Bridgeline GS can be your single point of contact for all your voice and data needs for your Avaya system for both PBX systems and Avaya’s Cloud Service options.

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intelisys business partner

As an Intelisys Business Partner, our extensive options are yours. Your customers expect to interact with you on their own terms: where, when and how they prefer. In today’s landscape, optimal communications services are a competitive advantage. Every business is unique, so we start with listening to the needs of our clients, and then exceed those needs in every way.

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4 Easy steps to success –
The process is quite simple

1.) We talk about your business

Call us today to start the conversation. Our experts will hear about your business, your goals or hurdles you are dealing with. From there, we’ll design a system or adjust your current system to meet your daily business needs so you can do what you do best, communicate with your customers.

2.) We crunch the numbers

Whether your business is large or small, you need to spend your money smart. We know the ins and outs of telecommunications and what you can expect down the road. Make sure you have all the information you need before signing a contract that isn’t the right one for you.

3.) You get a list of improvements

Been around for a while? If your system is in place but just needs a face lift – we do that too. We can take what you have and recommend solutions that don’t break the bank. In the end, partnering with you, we can find the best solution that addresses your companies needs without requiring a whole new system.

4.) Today is the best time to start

Telecommunications is one of the key essential infrastructures you need for your business to succeed and grow. Don’t waste one more day “planning” what you need to do next… contact us today: